Final Fantasy XIV official artwork for Shadowbringers without the logo

[Update]: The story rework has been delayed due to the ongoing pandemic.

One of the first things people told me when I started playing Final Fantasy XIV is that I would have to go through an unbearable amount of simple quests in order to reach the really juicy expansions. Initially I genuinely didn't understand what they were talking about, because even though things were a bit too simple for my tastes, it wasn't that big of a deal for an MMO's early-game.

However, once I progressed through the main storyline further, I quickly realized what they meant - dozens upon dozens upon dozens of quests with no real weight or interest to them, all of which are mandatory to move onto the significantly more exciting expansions. I had a friend with me so it wasn't as tedious as it could've been, but it's definitely something I would never want to inflict upon any new player.

Thankfully, it would appear that the Final Fantasy XIV team agrees as they have just recently announced they are working on sorting this problem out. The details are still few and far between, but you can expect these changes to arrive alongside Patch 5.3.

When exactly patch 5.3 will arrive, nobody currently knows, but I can give you a bit of an educated guess since Final Fantasy XIV tends to follow a somewhat rigid patching schedule. Patch 3.3 released on June 6th, while Patch 4.3 released on May 21st, so if we go by that sort of logic, Patch 5.3 should also arrive in late May or early June. Do take that with a grain of salt, however, as either the patch or the changes themselves could end up being delayed.

Whatever the case may be, it's still good to hear that some of Final Fantasy XIV's most problematic quests will be getting some much-needed changes!