Final Fantasy X/X-2 remaster screenshot of Yuna on PC

After its existence has been leaked numerous times now, the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster has finally made its way to PC, and from what I can see on forums its a relatively amazing port, the 30 FPS lock aside.

You can grab it on Steam for $20/€20, which includes the 20% discount that's going to be running until May 19th. If you're wondering how it looks in action, here's the most recent launch trailer:


Also, in a complete turnaround from how they've handled the marketing for Final Fantasy ports so far, Square Enix recently held a live-stream during which they showcased Final Fantasy X/X-2 on the PC, and what new features it brings with it. While I haven't been able to watch it myself, the folks over at Neogaf compiled all of the relevant information on the graphic settings, as well as the optional boosters/cheats.

Surprisingly, and I mean this in a good way, the graphics options are actually quite comprehensive, as you'll see below:


Screen Mode



Texture Quality

Anisotropic Filtering



Color Correction

 Anti-Aliasing (Post Filter)

Unsharp Mask

Ambient Occlusion

As for are as the boosts are concerned you will be able to either increase or decrease encounter rate, double or quadruple gameplay speed, slack off while using the newly added auto-battle option, remove the HUD in order to take fancy screenshots, max out your consumables/gil, and finally, unlock all of your skills.

While these changes might not seem significant, I view the ability to decrease encounter rate as a gift from heaven. I will gladly fight slightly overpowered bosses if the trade-off is less completely pointless and one-dimensional encounters with yet another slightly recolored version of a previous enemy.

Either way, if you were looking for an excuse to play Final Fantasy X again, now you have it.

A screenshot from the PC port of Final Fantasy X/X-2