Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster artwork and logo

After going through a short delay to ensure the team has enough time to polish everything up, the Final Fantasy VI pixel remaster has now landed onto Steam. This new version of Final Fantasy VI brings with it updated 2D pixel graphics, a brand new soundtrack inspired by the original, improved gameplay including a modernized UI and optional features like auto-battling, as well as a variety of supplemental extras such as the bestiary and illustration gallery.

What Final Fantasy VI looks like in actual gameplay, however, that you can get a short peek at through the recently posted trailer. Have a look:

When it comes to the quality of the remaster itself, it's pretty much the same story as with the other Final Fantasy pixel remasters. In other words, it's a solid remaster that looks good and plays good, though it's not a 1:1 recreation of the original classic as it does change some things around. So before you dive in I'd highly recommend doing a little bit of research, just to make sure you're  completely okay with some of the new additions.

You can do so, as well as check out a bunch of player reviews, over at Steam. Have fun!

Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster screenshot of the combatFinal Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster screenshot of the world map