Final Fantasy 14 Stormblood trailer screenshot showcasing the two characters

You have to hand it to Square Enix, they've taken a game that absolutely everybody hated and turned it into one of the finest MMORPGs out there - one that has continued to improve ever since. After already being bolstered through the rather hefty Heavensward expansion, it appears that Final Fantasy 14 is going to become even bigger in the future as Square Enix has just announced a brand new (and massive) expansion titled Stormblood!

If you're wondering what marvels such an ominous name might hold, I'm afraid the teaser trailer won't really satisfy your curiosity, but if you're up watching some exceptionally beautiful scenery and two characters attempt to beat each other into a pulp - then you're probably going to leave with a smile on your face. Have a look:

There isn't a lot of information available right now, but from what I can tell you the new Stormblood expansion is apparently so massive it will bring an entire game's worth of content to Final Fantasy 14. In more concrete terms, expect to see a whole bunch of new areas, the level cap increased to 70, new raids and dungeons, a reworked battle and inventory system, as well as a whole host of other features Square Enix only briefly hinted at.

If you're really itching for more specific details, I'm afraid you'll have to wait until December 24 and the start of Tokyo Fan Fest as Square Enix is currently keeping their lips shut. As for Stormblood itself, it will most likely be arriving in the Summer of 2017. The wait might be long, but if what Square Enix says is true, Stormblood will be well worth the patience!

Final Fantasy 14's Stormblood expansion screenshot showcasing a massive statue

Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood screenshot showing some beautiful locations