Far Cry 5 artwork for all of the DLCs

It would appear that whoever thought up Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is once again in charge of Far Cry DLC. In other words, instead of the usual batch of story missions and weapon packs, Far Cry 5's three planned DLCs will allow players to experience a variety of cheesy b-movie scenarios.

The first and quite possibly the most 'normal' DLC on the list is "Hours of Darkness" that will have us travel back in time to Vietnam in order to fight against Việt Cộng soldiers. On the other hand, the second "Dead Living Zombies" DLC will offer a chance to face off against hordes of zombies in true b-movie fashion. The third, and perhaps most interesting to me, is the "Lost on Mars" DLC which will have us leave Earth behind in order to square off against Martian arachnids!

It's unlikely that any of these DLCs will be as long or as detailed as Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon given that they're all bundled together in a Season Pass, but to be perfectly honest that's probably for the best. There's nothing worse than a ridiculous premise or story that decides to overstay its welcome to the point that it becomes grating and obnoxious rather than refreshing and fun, so keeping things small and focused is definitely the right approach.

The exact release dates for the three DLCs have not been announced just yet, but you can expect to see Far Cry 5 on the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 this March 27th. If you would like to learn more you should head on over to the offical website. And as a final note, here's the recently posted story trailer: