Far Cry 5 screenshot of your dog companion bringing a rifle

After many months of waiting and quite a few interesting teasers, Far Cry 5 has now finally made its way to both PC and consoles. Thankfully, it would appear that all of the excitement and anticipation has not been been in vein as Far Cry 5 currently sports some highly favorable reviews. However, if you're planning to get it exclusively for co-op, you might want to wait for a little while as right now only the host can acquire new weapons!

On the positive side, the new Map Editor has already proven itself to be highly competent given that there are currently numerous fan-made maps available. Some are obviously complete junk as they were cobbled together within an hour, but there are a surprising amount of quality examples as well. This number is only going to grow in the future as the Map Editor features a wast array of assets from most of Ubisoft's modern games, so it really does come down to just how creative the community is going to be with it.

If you're wondering what these maps might look like in-game, as well as what Far Cry 5's actual gameplay is all about, allow me to share with you two of the most recent videos. The first one is fairly lengthy as it showcases the Map Editor and the sort of maps you can create with it, while the second video is mostly focused around Far Cry 5's story and gameplay. Have a look, it's well worth a few minutes:

You can learn more about Far Cry 5 and its Map Editor by heading over to either Steam or the official website. Have fun, and make sure to hire a bear to help you out since it's about as ridiculous as it sounds!