Far Cry 5 screenshot of the Lost on Mars DLC

While the premise behind Far Cry 5's Season Pass was delightfully cheesy, the three DLCs have unfortunately not managed to live up the legacy Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon has left behind. And yes, I intentionally said "three DLCs" as Lost on Mars, the third and final piece of the Season Pass, has now arrived for both PC and consoles alongside a barrage of mediocre reviews.

Before I say anything else, allow me to share with you the recently posted trailer. It'll give you a pretty decent idea of what Lost on Mars is all about, as well as what sort of alien bugs you'll be able to explode. Have a look:

As you're probably aware from the video, shooting up aliens in low gravity is a lot of fun. However, there is only so many times you can repeat the same few actions before they becomes mundane, and that is exactly the biggest issue with Lost on Mars. Outside of a couple of nice surprises, you're pretty much doing the same thing you do in the original Far Cry 5, just with more alien bugs and less crazy people. So unless you really love the setting, I would recommend holding off on this one until it goes on a deep sale.

You can learn more about Lost on Mars, as well as all of the previous DLCs, by heading over to official website.