Fallout Shelter screenshot from the PC version

Fallout Shelter, the massively popular mobile base-building game, has now made its transition to PC as a part of Update 1.6.

Besides becoming available on a brand new platform, Fallout Shelter now sports a new combat system that lets you send your vault dwellers out on a variety of quests, as well as a whole bunch of new characters, locations and enemies to mess around with. Here's a brief trailer to give you a rundown on all these new features:


You can grab Fallout Shelter for free from the Bethesda website, and before you ask, there is unfortunately no Steam, GOG, or any other such version available.

As for whether its any good or not, I'm afraid I can't give you much of an answer since I've never played it, but given its rampant popularity and seemingly fair microtransactions its probably well worth a try if you're a Fallout fan. Even in the worst case scenario you'll lose only a couple of minutes given that the whole download is 10MB large.

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