Fallout 76 official artwork of a dusty Brotherhood of Steel helmet

Fallout 76 will be arriving this November 14th, bringing with it a bit of a different experience than previous Fallout games. Instead of roaming the wastelands and attempting to save (or ruin) the world, Fallout 76 will simply ask of you to survive and thrive. In order to do that you will need to team up with other players, build up giant bases, assemble mighty defenses, and naturally, continuously compete with other players for various resources that lie scattered about.

While the recently posted trailer won't exactly tell you much about the actual gameplay, it will at least give you a good idea of the story and setting behind Fallout 76. So if you're curious, have a look as it's a surprisingly heartfelt video for a game based around beating up your fellow players:

While the official release will be simultaneous across all three platforms, Fallout 76's pre-order beta will be a bit different. It will first launch for the Xbox One on October 23rd, while the PC and PlayStation 4 will need to wait until October 30th to jump in. A bit of an annoying delay to be sure, but at least you'll be able to see what people think of the Xbox One beta before deciding whether you actually want to pre-order it yourself or not!

Once Bethesda releases more information I'll make sure to let you know, but until then you can learn more about Fallout 76 by visiting the official website.