Fallout 4's survival mode is entering beta testing next week

Its no secret at this point that the original implementation of the "survival" mode in Fallout 4 was fairly lackluster. Having to expend entire clips at bare-chested bandits was definitely an increase in difficulty, just not really the type anyone asked for.

However, the upcoming Survival mode rework is a completely different story as it introduces lethal combat (for both you and the enemies), diseases, fatigue, and a whole bunch of other nasty features you'll have to keep an eye out for, or end up as a bloody discussion piece at some bandit camp.

If you're interesting in all of the Survival mode changes and additions, look no further as they have been announced about a month ago and already cataloged for your viewing pleasure.

Long story short, expect the Survival mode to bring an interesting new take on the standard Fallout 4 gameplay as you will no longer be able to simply stroll through Super Mutant camp after Super Mutant camp without a care in the world. Best of all, with the increased lethality of all weapons, even simple fights will suddenly become events you need to prepare for, and ideally avoid as wounds are not a fun thing to deal with when you're trying to survive in nuclear wasteland. If you're a fan of challenging gameplay, this should be right up that alley.

According to a tweet from Bethesda, the Survival mode should be in Steam beta next week, with a proper PC and console release following shortly (usually takes a week).

I don't know about you, but I do believe its time for me to dust of the "Shut up Preston Garvey mod" and prepare for another run through the Commonwealth.