Its a bit too late for me now but I am still incredibly happy this mod is here. As I mentioned in my article on Fallout 4 problems the nonsensical dialogue options were the single most immersion ruining thing in the game.

And now we have a mod that replace the vague choices (yes/no/sarcastic/maybe) with actual lines your character will say when you press them, all presented numerically from 1-4 to you. Big thanks to Shadwar who made the original mod and Ciro who added English text to it.

You can download the Full Dialogue Interface mod right here.

The installation instructions are on the page linked above but, as with any other mod, make sure you back up both your save file as well as all the files you're going to modify. It might sound annoying but mods are never the most reliable things in the world so don't be that guy/gal that loses a 40 hour save because of laziness.

That aside, while I am grateful to the creators for bringing us the mod I'm still miffed it isn't in the actual game. Bethesda is big enough, and more than successful enough, to not have to rely on mods in order to fix their game.

From the way I see it, there isn't much the "shortened" response system does better than simply knowing what you will say to other people in a role-playing game. And even if they really wanted to keep it like it is they could've added an option to switch between the two systems, they already have all of the text assigned to each response in the form of subtitles anyway.

As far as the mod is concerned there are some things I'd like to see improved in the next version. Most notably I'd like to see the speech % chances added. The current system Fallout 4 uses is just as nonsensical as the dialogue one.

No matter how high your charisma is, a red (hard) speech check will always remain red so you never know if you're almost guaranteed to convince someone or you have only a sliver of a chance and you're just going to anger them.

Well, that and the fact that people with specific color blindness issues can't even discern if there's a speech check at all, as many have pointed out on the Fallout steam forums.

If you're currently in the middle of a Fallout 4 playthrough I'd suggest you back up your save and give the mod a try, it sure made my experience more enjoyable.