This Fallout 4 mod allows you to add any mod to your weapons resulting in some crazy combinations

Its been a rather slow news day today so I decided to pop in to Fallout 4 and install a few mods, see if I can freshen the game up after playing it for over 50 hours.

And you know its going to be an interesting play session when the first mod I've come upon is "Any Mod Any Weapon" which, as you might deduce, allows you to shove any mod in to any weapon with hilarious results.

So what this does is it allows you to mix and match mods from different weapon families in order to create some truly monstrous weapons. Most of the things I've tried out worked exactly as I imagined they would so it seems that with this mod your imagination is the limiting factor.

Here's a couple of my favorite mad-scientist experiments and if you get the mod I'd recommend you try these as well because the results are rather silly.

Minigun as the base weapon +Electrification/Ignition mod = an insanely overpowered minigun that spews rays of lighting towards anyone stupid enough to still be around you after you've assembled it.

Fatman + any automatic mod = an answer to the question of "how many nukes are too many". If you plan on playing around with this one I'd suggest you spawn in a bunch of mini nukes because you will go through them quickly enough to cause a nuclear winter.

And my favorite: Using the Targeting Computer with any gun = your bullets are now MISSILES. I cannot overstate how cool it feels when your teeny-weeny pipe pistol shoots out full sized rockets instead.

As you might imagine, a lot of these weapons live on a completely different planet devoid of balance so unless you really like having your ass handed down to you by a random raider with a nasty surprise in their pocket I'd suggest you disable the mod once you're done crafting weapons you're interested in.

And that's it as far as the mod is concerned. It might be a simple one but being able to mix and match weapon mods like this can be useful for far more than simply stomping enemies with. You can create entire new classes of weapons and as long as you don't go overboard with the use of strong mods you can have relatively balanced scatter-laser shotguns and other weapons like it to play around with during normal gameplay.

That, and if you ever get annoyed with a particular pack of Deathclaws you can always whip out your heat-seeking chain-rocket firing minigun of doom and show them enlightenment.