Lock yourself in a vault, bring ample supply of food and water, cut off any and all contact from the outside world and prepare. Or you can be a sane person and just play it in your spare time, either way Fallout 4 has arrived (November 10).

I'll get my teeth sunk in to the game as soon as possible and try to get out my own review in a couple of days, after I've had enough time to get a good view on it.

As far as the opinion of others is concerned the early reviews are all mostly positive with very few complaints between them.

Well, besides the already expected slue of bugs every Bethesda game the past decade has released with. If those worry you just wait a few days, they either get patched out fairly quickly or the modding community sorts them out.

Speaking of mods, they might be the most exciting feature drawing me to Fallout 4. Don't get me wrong, the actual gameplay and exploration I adore but there are so few games with modding communities as active and creative as Bethesda's.

Which begs another question, with their failed experiment at paid mods in Skyrim are there plans to try a new and improved system in Fallout 4? The problem with Skyrim is that they tried to monetize mods late in the game's life, after a lot of them became inter-dependant making the whole process a nightmare.

That and the fact that mods have never been the most reliable things in the universe, especially since any random patch can break them and your only solution is waiting for the creator to fix it. When they are free this is just a thing you accept and move on but as soon as money gets involved the situation becomes complicated to say the least.

Perhaps with a new game and the slate wiped clean they might feel like they have a better chance of getting it to work, we'll have to wait and see.

That massive tangent aside, I hope you enjoy your time with the game.