Bethesda has released Fallout 4 DLC plans

After mercilessly teasing the announcement multiple times in the past month it appears that Bethesda has finally decided to unveil their plans for Fallout 4's DLC.

The first wave of new content will be arriving in three parts: the $10 Automatron, $5 Wasteland Workshop and by far the most significant $25 Far Harbor. Here's a bit of info on each of them:

Automatron (March 2016)

Fallout 4 DLC starring the Automatron

The insane Machinist has unleashed a horde of evil robots upon the land and only you can stop them... after you help this farm deal with a ghoul infestation half a state away! The Automatron DLC will allow you to hunt down robotic aberrations, including the Robobrains you might remember from New Vegas, and salvage them for parts in order to create your very own murder-machine.

You will be able to customize your new best friend with hundreds of mods, from different limbs, armor, abilities, weapons, paint schemes and even voices.

Wasteland Workshop (April 2016)

Fallout 4 DLC starring the Wasteland Workshop

The "I don't know how to install mods" DLC allows you to capture creatures throughout the wasteland and then force them to battle each other as you watch from on high with bored indifference in your expression.

Along with establishing your very own slave trade the Wasteland Workshop brings with it a bunch of new design options for your settlements such as nixie tube lighting, letter kits, taxidermy and so on.

Far Harbor (May 2016)

Fallout 4 DLC starring Far Harbor

The most substantial and interesting of all the DLC packs showcased so far. Far Harbor will have you travel off the coast of Maine to a mysterious island where higher levels of radiation have done wonders when it comes to creating extremely hostile wildlife.

According to Bethesda Far Harbor will feature the largest landmass for an add-on they've ever creater, filled with plenty of faction quests, settlements, deadly new creatures and a whole array of explosive weapons to toy around with.

But rather than just stop at only three pieces of DLC Bethesda has announced that this wave of content is only the beginning and that they have big plans for future. Plans so big that the price of the current Season Pass will increase from $30 to $50 in order to account for all of those future DLC packs we know very little about right now.

The good news is that if you purchase the Season Pass before March 1st you will still get all of the DLC but will only pay a fraction of the price the late adopters will be saddled with. Finally, if you consider yourself extremely lucky you can apply for to the closed beta test of the new upcoming DLCs and receive them for free in return for valuable feedback.

I personally don't see the value in this Season Pass mostly because its one actually interesting DLC along with two pieces of complete fluff but I can understand why people would be drawn to them, especially on consoles. So if you do decide to buy any of the DLCs or even the Season Pass itself to make sure to grab the whole pack before March 1st as that represents by far the best value for your money.