Fall Guys artwork for the Star Detective costume

[Update]: The day has finally come - Fall Guys has now gone free-to-play!

Something huge is coming to Fall Guys, though in order to find out what exactly that might be I'm afraid we'll have to wait a little while longer. Thankfully, we won't have to simply sit around as the Fall Guys team has just launched a series of events to help tide us over until the big announcement goes live!

From from until April 10th you'll be able to complete a variety of challenges in a playlist consisting of classic rounds and variations, with the end-reward being the Star Princess costume. Then from April 18th to April 24th you'll be able to dive into the jungle-only playlist to complete another set of challenges, with the reward this time around being the Star Detective costume.

The final and most important event will run from May 4th to May 8th and will task you with completing yet another set of challenges in the Sweet Thieves modes, with the ultimate reward being the Star Guy costume. Once the event has concluded and the in-universe satellite successfully launched, something huge will finally be unleashed upon Fall Guys!

What exactly this might be, nobody currently knows, but given some of the recent rumors and datamining efforts I think it's likely that Fall Guys will be going free-to-play while simultaneously launching on both Xbox and Switch. If these rumors end up being true, then there will also be a nice little gift package for existing players, so don't feel too bad if you jumped onto the Fall Guys train just before reading all of this.

Whatever the answer may be, I'll make sure to let you know once the big announcement goes live. Until then, have fun with the new events!