Eyedol from the newest Killer Instinct

Eyedol, the extremely cheap and infinitely frustrating final boss of the original Killer Instinct, will be making his grand reappearance as Killer Instinct Season 3's final character. A fitting title given his final boss status.

While you might remember him as a two-headed goat-ogre with a pair of faces only a two-headed mother could love, the years have not been kind on poor ol' Eyedol as he's completely lost one head and the other one has been magically split in half. Here's a recently posted trailer showing of all of his natural beauty and fighting prowess:


Eyedol will be making his way to the PC and Xbox One versions of Killer Instinct on July 22nd for all owners of the Ultra Edition, and July 29th for those that own the Combo Breaker Edition.