Exoprimal, Capcom's dinosaur vs mech action-shooter, official key art and logo

Capcom's freshly released action-shooter Exoprimal is quite a curious game. It's not only thoroughly unique because it's all about high-powered mechs fighting against hordes of horribly mutated dinosaurs, but also because it attempts to merge both competitive PvP and cooperative PvE gameplay within a single match.

The way it works is that you first compete against the opposing team by attempting to complete your objectives faster than them, and then towards the end the gloves finally come off and you're able to square off against your opponents directly in order to secure yourself the win. Most entertainingly of all, you will occasionally even get the ability to transform yourself into a giant dinosaur so you can really mess up your opponents and their plans.

What some of this looks like in action, as well as how insane the whole story is, that you can check out through the launch trailer below. Have a gander:

While all of this is definitely a fun concept, it does pose a bit of a problem, and that's the simple fact that Exoprimal is trying to cater to two wildly different audiences at the same time. Those seeking a hero shooter inspired co-op game where they get to blast apart dinosaurs are going to constantly be forced to fight their fellow players. Meanwhile, those seeking some competitive PvP action are going to be stuck mostly fighting dinosaurs before finally being allowed to actually duke it out with the other team.

The second big issue is the price tag. For a game that's all about working with your team, the 60€ asking price makes it really hard to get people to leave their comfort zone and try something new. So even though I like what's Exoprimal is doing, especially on the gameplay front, I can't help but feel like it's a bit of a missed opportunity.

As far as recommendations go, I would say that Exoprimal is well worth checking out if nothing I've said so far has scared you. It really is a fun game to play. That said, I would also advise waiting a little while to see just what exactly is going to happen with it. These types of niche games unfortunately don't tend not to survive for very long, especially not with this steep of a price tag, so I wouldn't be too shocked to see a big discount in the next few months or perhaps even a shift towards free-to-play.

Whatever the your plans may be, you can learn more about Exoprimal and its current state over at Steam. Enjoy!

Exoprimal screenshot of a giant T-Rex attack

Exoprimal screenshot of a giant swarm of dinosaurs pouring through