Screenshot of the evil scientist from Evil Genius 2

[Update #2]: Rebellion has released a brief preview highlighting everything shown so far.

[Update]: Rebellion has now released a lengthy and highly detailed gameplay preview for Evil Genius 2!

Much like the original from which it draws a great deal of inspiration, the upcoming Evil Genius 2: World Domination is a satirical simulator about trying to take over the world through a variety of nefarious means. Expect to do dastardly things like building an evil lair, recruiting and training an assortment of disposable henchmen, 'politely' dealing with any sort of special agents that might want to unravel your plans, and most importantly of all, creating a giant death-ray or something equally ridiculous!

If you're curious what all of this nonsense looks like in actual gameplay, you'll be happy to hear that Rebellion has now released a fairly lengthy preview. Have a little peek:

While it's hard to judge the gameplay based on a few snippets, I am pleased that Rebellion has successfully managed to preserve the spirit of the original. So as long as Evil Genius 2 doesn't mess up in a major way, I have a feeling it'll be a pretty good time.

Speaking of which, Evil Genius 2 will be launching in 2020, though no exact release date has been given just yet. You can follow its progress, as well as learn a little bit more about the fine art of villainy, over at Steam.