Europa Universalis IV: Mandate of Heaven official artwork

Paradox's grand strategy game Europa Universalis IV is soon going to become even grander. The upcoming Mandate of Heaven expansion will bring with it major improvements to the nations of East Asia, each of which will come with their own unique mechanics and strategies. As you might expect given the time period, the three playable nations will be Ming China, Japan, and the Manchu tribes.

If you're up for a brief teaser that doesn't really showcase any gameplay, you'll find it right below. I'll also include the official list of features because that's currently pretty much everything that's available about Mandate of Heaven. Have a look:

• Historical Ages and Golden Eras: Meet objectives in four historical ages from the Age of Discovery to the Age of Revolutions, earning new bonuses and powers for your country. Declare a Golden Era to further increase your chance of success.

• Chinese Empire: New mechanics for Ming China, including Imperial Decrees and Imperial Reforms to bolster the Dragon Throne

• Tributaries: Force your neighbors to pay tribute to your Chinese Empire, paying you in gold, manpower or monarch points

• New Japanese Rules: Daimyos now owe loyalty to the Shogun – and the Shogun is whomever controls the imperial capital of Kyoto. Force your lesser rivals to commit seppuku to preserve their honor

• Manchu Banners: Rally the Manchu warlords around your throne and call up the traditional banners to reinforce your army

• Diplomatic Macrobuilder: Common diplomatic actions are now easily available from the macrobuilder interface

There is currently no release date set for Mandate of Heaven, but according to the announcement message it will be here quite soon. If you would like to learn more information as it becomes available I'd recommend keeping an eye on the official website.