Escape from Tarkov graphics

Escape from Tarkov is a seemingly STALKER inspired MMO that aims to combine FPS/TPS gameplay with RPG elements and a heavy focus on storytelling. The campaign will be set in large open-ended levels and will require you to deal with some realistic hazards such as dehydration, wounds, infections, and the worst of them all, death that will mark the end of your mission attempt.

While its still nowhere near ready for release the developers did recently post a rather long gameplay video showcasing their progress in the early alpha, and I have to say its looking pretty damn good. Here's the 28-minute long video, and don't worry, there's not a single bloody zombie in sight:


If the gameplay video piqued your interest I would suggest you head over to the official FAQ in order to discover all of the details, and what's currently known about the gameplay mechanics. On the other hand, if you're looking for a more... personal touch the closed alpha is set to begin on August 4, so feel free to sign up on the website and throw your virtual hat into the ring. Do keep in mind, however, that this is going to be an actual alpha, so bugs and missing features are to be expected while the developers gather feedback and slowly work their way towards the closed beta.

Once it finally releases Escape from Tarkov will set you back €35, and thankfully there will be no additional fees or microtransactions of any kind. To guarantee your way into the closed beta you will simply need to pre-order any of the packages, but in order to push your way into the closed alpha you will need to burn a sizable hole in your wallet, one that's shaped like €110. 

Its currently unknown whether there will be an open beta or not, but chances are good there will be at least one big stress test before launch, so if you don't feel like committing your money just yet I would recommend waiting for the open beta to pop up.

Escape from Tarkov is a rather lush game