Fortnite screenshot of the monsters

If you've ever built a gigantic fort in Minecraft and then wished the monsters were actually capable of assaulting it, you might want to pay attention to the upcoming Fortnite as it embodies exactly that concept. You need to scavenge for materials and weapons, craft a variety of traps and fortifications, and then attempt to survive absolutely massive waves of monsters that would love nothing more than to tear all of your toys apart.

Rather than waste your time by explain all of this in detail, allow me to instead share the recently posted gameplay trailer. It goes over pretty much everything Fortnite has to offer, from the random run & gun gameplay to the process of building your very own Fort Kickass. Have a look, its well worth the few minutes:

If this looks like something you might enjoy you'll be glad to hear that Fortnite will be heading to early access (no idea if its going to be on Steam or not) on July 25th. If you decide to pre-order the rather pricey Founder's Pack will get a four-day head start beginning on July 21st, as well as a Storm Master Weapon Pack to show off with. You can learn more about Fortnite or the upcoming early access by going over to the overly-interactive official website.