Shenmue 3 official artwork without logo

[Update]: As an additional little bonus, Epic is giving away the modern Tomb Raider trilogy until January 6th,

The holiday season is now well and truly upon us, and as is tradition, pretty much every storefront is now launching or has already launched their very own sale. The Epic Games Store is no exception here as they have just unleashed a whole avalanche of discounts, as well as the first of many giveaways.

Today's giveaway is for the somewhat controversial yet still quite entertaining Shenmue 3. If you would like to give it a try, simply head on over to the Shenmue 3 page within the next day or so and you'll be able to grab yourself a permanent copy. That said, as soon as the Shenmue 3 giveaway is done a brand new one will start, so even if you're late it's still well worth hopping over and seeing what's up.

If you're wondering whether Shenmue 3 is actually worth your time and effort, however, I honestly don't know what to tell you. Shenmue 3 is not a very good game, though its many flaws are more entertaining than they are irritating. So while it fails to deliver the satisfying conclusion Shenmue fans were clamoring for, I still think Shenmue 3 is worth playing just to witness all of the bizarre and interesting design choices that went into it. It really is a unique game, for better or for worse.

Have fun, and I'll leave you with one of the trailers, just for good measure: