A screenshot from the Skyrim mod Enderal

Mods come in many shapes and forms. Some simply correct the bugs the developers left behind while others add new features and quality of life changes, but the most intriguing and impressive of them all are the total conversions - mods that essentially create an entirely new game within a game.

Enderal is exactly this type of a mod as it doesn't just add a few bits and pieces of content to Skyrim, it instead brings with it a whole new and unique landscape, different gameplay mechanics and abilities, and unlike Skyrim itself, a heavy focus on storytelling. If you're wondering what all of this might look like, here's the recent English trailer:


Enderal has been available in German for a couple of weeks now, and while I haven't personally played it due to my inability to speak German, from everything I've seen on the various forums it appears to be a pretty damn good mod. There are some areas where its quite obvious Enderal is being constrained by the Skyrim engine, but outside of those minor complaints its supposedly a rather exciting adventure through some incredible landscapes.

If you would like to give Enderal a try for yourself, you can find the download link and system requirements by heading over here. Do bear in mind that you will need Skyrim in order to play Enderal, it is a mod after all, though none of the expansions are required in order to run it. Have fun!

Enderal's forest temple screenshot