Elite Dangerous screenshot of the new Fleet Carriers

If you're a fan of ridiculously large ships, you should definitely check out Elite Dangerous' newest update. As the title would suggest, the update has brought in the rather impressive-looking Fleet Carriers that can be tailored to support any play style, as well as offer a whole host of services like the ability to rearm, refuel and repair smaller ships on-the-go.

True to their name, the Fleet Carriers can host up to sixteen smaller ships, thus giving you a perfect platform to meet other players and explore the universe alongside good company. It also helps that the Fleet Carriers have a 500-light-year jump range, as well as pretty much everything you could possibly need already onboard, so once you get a good group going, you'll have very little reason to leave.

As for what exactly the Fleet Carriers look like in action, that you'll find out through the recently posted trailer. Have a gander, it's a fairly short one:

You can learn more about the Fleet Carriers, and check out the full patch notes if you're so inclined, over at Steam. Have fun, and do try not to crash into the first moon you see!