Elder Scrolls Online will have a free weekend starting this Thursday

Elder Scrolls Online had a rather poor launch, to say the least. It was buggy and the coop elements didn't work very well so in the minds of a lot of people it slowly faded away.

Fortunately, the developers didn't just spend a year sitting on their thumbs and from what I hear now ESO, is a good MMO in its own right. So if you find yourself interested now would be the time to give it a try since there will be a free week going on from 8 AM GMT this Thursday till 8 AM GMT the following Monday.

Most bizarre thing of it all? Just by playing in December and early January you will enter a raffle with the grand prize being $1,000,000 (yes, that is a million).

So how exactly can you give the game a try? Well the first thing you will need to do is get a free week code from the following websites after which you need to head over to the Official ESO website and register an account there. Once you have your account registered and confirmed head over to your profile and input the free week code after which a download button should manifest itself. You can download the game and have it ready before the free week officially launches this Thursday and I would suggest you do that, just to avoid the rush once the flood gates finally open.

And if you find yourself enjoying ESO, you can buy it at a 60% discount during the free week, which, I have to say is a fairly good deal if you're the type of person that enjoys MMOs.

Also, if you consider yourself extremely lucky, you can sign up for the million dollar raffle by heading over to the contest page, just make sure that you are either older than 18 years or have someone else do it for you because it sure would suck if you won only to then get disqualified. Good luck!