Elder Scrolls Online Dark Brotherhood DLC assassination

The Dark Brotherhood has become one of the most popular elements of The Elder Scrolls series, not because of their zealous devotion to a corpse or their often "hearth-wrenching" story, but rather because they allow us to fulfill the childhood dream of being an unstoppable "fixer" working behind the scenes in order to make the world a... hopefully better place?

It is exactly that sort of theme the Dark Brotherhood DLC for the Elder Scrolls Online has decided to tackle, but unfortunately the announcement trailer that was supposed to showcase all of that was made by someone that is far too interested in stabbing people in the back, with the end result being a video containing a full minute of people getting shanked, and nothing else! Have a look, its quite something:


As the trailer quite clearly explained you will be able to join the Dark Brotherhood of the Gold Coast and use their vast network of resources in order to carve a bloody path across Tamriel in order to change the course of history itself. Along the way you will be able to explore the newly added Gold Coast region, last seen in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, fully featured with two cities you might remember from your previous trips: Anvil and Kvatch.

Outside of the main storyline the Dark Brotherhood DLC brings with it repeatable quests that task you with, you guessed it, annihilating a target for the glory of the Night Mother, as well as a sizable pouch of gold coins. The final feature is the addition of a brand new skill tree that the trailer actually manages to show off rather well given that it mostly revolves around stabbing people in a wide variety of ways.

The Dark Brotherhood is already available for PC, and if you own the ESO plus subscription you will have access to it immediately, while the rest will need to fork out 2,000 in-game Crowns in order to begin their reign of terror.

Elder Scrolls Online expansion Dark Brotherhood features the Gold Coast region