Earth Defense Force 4.1 Time of the Mutants DLC - Spider

Earth Defense Force 4.1 recently launched with ~80 missions, four different classes and ~800 weapons to toy around with, so it definitely isn't lacking in terms of content. However, if you've managed to burst through all of the missions and are now left without insects to squash, the Time of the Mutants DLC is set to arrive later today.

While the details are still unknown, the Steam store page boasts 26 new missions, all designed to be the most intense and challenging trials the EDF has ever faced. "They're really, really, REALLY hard".

There is currently no price tag listed on Steam, and while I would love to say this means the DLC is going to be free, its probably just a small error since the console version of Time of the Mutants costs $10. In other words, expect to see the price mirror the console one once Time of the Mutants finally becomes available later today.

Oh, and I hope you like squashing creepy crawlies, because this DLC seems to be all about them... as does the whole series for that matter.

Earth Defense Force time of the mutants ants