Morrowind from The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online will soon be getting a lot more interesting as the Morrowind Upgrade will be adding a bunch of new locations to explore, a new bear-taming class to mess around with, as well as a brand new storyline filled with political intrigue and backstabbing. The expansion itself is set to arrive on June 6th, but if you own or decide to purchase the Digital Upgrade version you can now begin your adventures and see everything that Morrowind has to offer.

Since Bethesda's naming conventions are a bit strange, it is important to mention that you don't need to purchase the Collector's Edition in order to gain early access. The standard version will do just fine! But if you do decide to put some extra strain on your wallet and grab the Collector's Edition, here's what you'll get: a grey War Bear variant for the new Warden class, an Armored War Horse mount, a Dwarven Spider pet, a Morag Tong themed armor set, and a variety of character emotes. Whether these cosmetics are worth the extra €20, however, that I'll leave for you to decide.

And finally, if you don't know much about Morrowind, or even what it looks like, here's one of the recent gameplay trailers. It unfortunately doesn't showcase much in terms of actual gameplay, as is tradition these days, but it does give a rather nice overview of just how bizarre and intriguing Morrowind truly is. Enjoy!