Killer Instinct 2013 official artwork

Killer Instinct, Microsoft's free-to-play fighting game, will soon be expanded with a brand new character. As you can probably guess from the title, the next character is going to be the arrow-slinging Eagle, who to my knowledge has never before been playable.

All of this was revealed through the recently posted teaser trailer, and if you would like see what Eagle looks like in game you'll find it right below. Just make sure to temper your expectations as the teaser is literally just that, a teaser! Have a look:

There is very little information about Eagle's fighting style, but given the teaser trailer I think its safe to assume he'll be turning his enemies into pincushions. As for his story, Eagle is Thunder's younger brother who was kidnapped by Ultratech and used as the template for the cyborg soldier Fulgore, who is coincidentally also present in the newest Killer Instinct. I can't tell you more than that since I haven't read the comics, but you won't have to wait long for more information as Eagle is set to properly revealed during the upcoming E3.