Titanfall 2 screenshot of the Monarch Titan

Three weeks ago EA closed down Visceral and restructured the previously singleplayer Star Wars RPG into some sort of multiplayer focused title, much to the public's dismay given how popular the original two Dead Space games were. With that in mind, it might come as a bit of a shock to hear that EA is now set to acquire Respawn Entertainment, the developers of Titanfall and Titanfall 2.

According to the brief press release, Respawn will continue to have their own culture and creative freedom, while EA will mostly provide the resources necessary to expand the scope of all future games. As lovely as that statement is, I can't help but feel a tinge of dread as EA has a bit of a history of meddling with their studios, with the end result usually being them bleeding all of their creative talent and eventually getting shut down. I can only hope this fate won't befall Respawn as well since the Titanfall series is just too damn awesome to go the way of Dead Space 3.

Speaking of Titanfall, you can expect to see three new titles developed by Respawn in the next few years: Titanfall 3, an unnamed game set in the Star Wars universe, as well as a "VR gaming experience". I would love to offer you more information, but I'm afraid that's pretty much everything that's available right now.

Once EA or Respawn release more details about their upcoming projects I'll make sure to cover it, but for now all we can do is sit and wait. Chances are this is going to take quite a while though, because buyouts are rarely as simple as the developers putting up a new banner in their offices.