BattleForge official artwork

In an announcement that I must admit comes as a massive surprise, MrXLink from the Skylords community has come out to say that EA has given them the greenlight to revive the card game/RTS hybrid BattleForge. Most importantly, EA has also given the newly created Ardent Peak team the rights to commercialize the game to a point, so you can expect to see more content in the form of cards and maps in the distant future. With all of that said, don't expect to see much in terms of new content until the team is happy with how the servers are set up and running.

Why exactly EA would do this, I have absolutely no idea, but I certainly do hope this is an example other companies will follow in the future. It really is horribly depressing to see perfectly good games get axed because they aren't bringing in much of a profit anymore, even though the community would be more than ready to take over all server duties in order to keep the lights running for as long as there is interest.

If you're wondering what BattleForge is even all about, allow me to share with you an extremely well done review by Ross from the Accursed Farms Youtube channel... and yes, he's the guy behind the Freeman's Mind series. Anyway, here's the video itself, its well worth a watch:

And finally, here's a bit of a weird coincidence. SolForge was supposed to shut down this month, but the developers have managed to find a way to keep the servers running for the foreseeable future by reaching out for help. I don't know what it is about February, but it sure does appear to be a lucky month for dying games with "Forge" in their names!