Command and Conquer: Rivals official artwork and logo

I hope you're ready for an emotional rollercoaster, because that's exactly what the newly announced Command and Conquer: Rivals is going to take you on. First of all, you'll be glad to hear that EA is not only acknowledging Command and Conquer's existence, but that they're also willing to show it off at E3 for all to see! Secondly, and way more importantly, Rivals is going to be a mobile-only game with a seemingly heavy focus on microtransactions.

But rather than taint your opinion with my blabbering, allow me to share the recently posted "Gameplay Overview" trailer. It'll give you a pretty darn good idea of what Command and Conquer: Rivals is, as well as what it is not. Have a look:

While I can't exactly pretend I'm excited about what is almost certainly going to be a grindy mobile game, I do at least understand why EA is doing this. Strategy games are incredibly popular on mobile these days, and the Command and Conquer name is fairly well known, so combining those two together is almost guaranteed to be a hit. I can only hope it's success will end up resulting in more 'proper' Command and Conquer games in the future, because even though Red Alert 3 was flawed, it was still quite an enjoyable RTS and one that I would like to see a lot more of.

You can learn more about Command and Conquer: Rivals, as well as sign up for the upcoming alpha test, by visiting the official website. And as a final note, I'll leave you with the brief cinematic trailer. Enjoy!