Dynasty Warriors 9 screenshot of the character overlooking the whole map

Dynasty Warriors 9 currently features an absolutely ridiculous amount of DLCs which add everything from new weapons to simple cosmetics. There is so many of these DLCs, that if you were to buy all of them individually, you would have to spend a rather hefty €676,25!

Since that is completely unreasonable, even for Dynasty Warriors, Koei Tecmo has recently released a Complete Edition that bundles the base game and all of its DLC in a somewhat more affordable €89,99 package. Here's the sort of content you can expect to see from the Complete Edition:

Before you even consider springing for your wallet, it is important to mention that Dynasty Warriors 9 did not exactly review positively, both on account of its numerous bugs and gameplay problems. So while you can have a nice bit of fun with it, I would still highly recommend checking out the free demo before doing anything else. That alone should give you a pretty good idea of whether Dynasty Warriors 9 is something you'd want to get into further or not.

You can learn more about Dynasty Warriors 9, as well as check out the free demo, over at Steam.