Dying Light screenshot of a Volatile from up close

Aside from avoiding Volatiles at night, there isn't much of a reason to try and sneak around in Dying Light. The combination of powerful weaponry and the grappling hook means you're never in a situation you can't get yourself out of, while the massive shortage of subsonic ammo makes any stealth attempts needlessly expensive.

While stealth is probably still going to play second fiddle to the more action orientated parts of Dying Light, I am very glad to say that the latest update has now added an entire bounty focused around stealth alone - Subterfuge. The trick with Subterfuge is that you can't alert any of the patrolling Volatiles, so in order to survive you will need to carefully use all of your movement options and decoys in order to slip past them. A bit tricky, but if you manage to complete Subterfuge without raising an alarm, you will be granted a permanent blueprint for subsonic ammo so you can go fully silent in the open world as well!

The "Snake in the Grass" update is already live, so if you're up for some stealthy action all you need to do is boot up Dying Light and head on over to the nearest bounty board. Here's a brief glimpse of what you can expect to see:

Dying Light will be getting even more updates in the near future, so make sure to keep an eye on the official website.