Dying Light zombies at sundown

Given the positive user and critic reviews it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to hear that Dying Light is highly successful, but what might come as a surprise is that its so successful it still has over 500,000 players each and every week, 3 years since launch! In order to celebrate this momentous milestone, and most likely lead up to a Dying Light 2 announcement, the developers have just revealed their plans for 10 more pieces of free DLC over the next 12 months.

While the details are still unknown, these DLCs will bring with them new and more challenging enemies to face off against, a variety of interesting events to participate in, new mysteries to uncover, and "much, much more". Most importantly of all, these DLCs won't just be cosmetic fluff - they will be actual content designed to improve Dying Light's longevity. As a simple teaser of things to come, DLC #0 will bring with it new human and zombie enemies in the near future.

These DLCs will not be made in a vacuum, however, so if you have any quality suggestions make sure to send them to the developers via either Steam or the official forums. There is obviously no guarantee your suggestion will make it in game, but if you can manage to get a sizable chunk of the population behind the idea you might just get your wish. And finally, here's the brief developer update if you need a short recap of the whole situation: