Dying Light: Bad Blood screenshot of our character kicking an enemy away

[Update]: Dying Light: Bad Blood has now become entirely free for all owners of Dying Light, regardless of platform.

Despite being yet another zombie game, Dying Light has managed to distinguish itself from the rest by focusing quite heavily on movement. You can quite easily climb even the tallest buildings, leap across objects and vault over zombies, dangle off ledges and quickly hop between distant beams, and basically never touch the ground unless you really want to.

In fact, the moment-to-moment gameplay in Dying Light has ended up being so enjoyable that Techland has now created an entire Battle Royale game centered around the concept. So as you might imagine, in Dying Light: Bad Blood you will need to scavenge for weapons in a zombie-infested area, destroy hives in order to level up and increase your power, and perhaps most importantly, use a vast assortment of parkour skills and weapons in order to outrun and outplay your opponents.

If you're wondering what all of this looks like in-game, as well as what Dying Light: Bad Blood does to differentiate itself from the already oversaturated Battle Royale genre, you will find the answers you seek in the recently posted trailer down below. Have a look:

To learn more about Dying Light: Bad Blood, as well as check out what the current Early Access version has to offer, you should head on over to Steam. Techland is expecting to spend around 4-6 months in beta, after which Bad Blood will be launched as a fully free-to-play game. So unless you really want to give it a try and offer the developers some feedback, you might want to sit back and see how the situation developers.