Dungeon Fighter Online Steam version screenshot

[Update]: Dungeon Fighter Online is getting an Arc System Works developed fighting game spin-off - DNF Duel.

Dungeon Fighter Online is an action orientated 2D brawler with some MMORPG elements thrown in for good measure, and naturally, an anime art style to justify all of the ridiculous slicing and dicing that occurs throughout each of the missions.

While DFO has been around for many years now, its population is soon going to experience a rather large influx of new players as it will be released on Steam within the hour. If you're interested in a brief glimpse at the gameplay and the various character classes available, here's the trailer:


I have personally never played Dungeon Fighter Online, mostly because the hectic art style tends to leave me bewildered and confused, but one of my friends has been utterly consumed by it for the past couple of months. From what I can tell you as an outside observer, it seems to be a pretty damn good game, provided you're its target audience given that the art style and combat mechanics are not at all similar to many other 2D brawlers out there.

What I can tell you for certain, however, is that the free-to-play model is more than fair given that my friend has entire storage chest full of paid cosmetics without ever cracking open his wallet. Naturally, you will need to grind gold if you wish to purchase these things from other players, but as long as there is a "simple" way to obtain any cosmetic you might wish for, I'd say that's fair enough.

Dungeon Fighter Online will be released on Steam in ~20 minutes, so if you're interested in these sort of games, I fully recommend you give it a look.

Dungeon Fighter Online combat screenshot from the Steam version