Duke Forces is a total conversion mod for Duke Nukem 3D

Did you ever think of a pun so glorious that you felt like making an entire mod around it? Probably not, but I have a feeling the creator of Duke Forces underwent that exact line of thinking when he came up the with mod's tagline "Use the Force, Duke!".

As you might guess from the title, Duke Forces is a total conversion of Duke Nukem 3D with a Star Wars twist, inspired by one of the better old-school Star Wars games out there, Dark Forces. Its designed to be a bit of cheesy and completely ridiculous fun, and if the brief trailer is any judge, it manages to do just that:


All of the enemies have been replaced with their Star Wars equivalents, and there's even a classic Star Wars text crawl at the beginning of the campaign to introduce you to the stellar (heh) story. On the gameplay side of things, its still the good ol' Duke though with a few modern twists such as the use of Force powers, and most importantly, lightsabers!

However, rather than allowing you to go buck wild from the very beginning Duke Forces asks of you to earn your toys. In the case of the lightsaber this means finding enough power-chargers to keep the damnable thing running for longer than a couple of minutes, though that shouldn't be too much of an issue since you now have access to the Wookiee bolt-thrower, the standard blaster, and other such Star Wars themed weaponry.

You can find the download link and installation instructions on the Duke Forces ModDB page.

Have fun!

Duke Forces lightsaber