Duelyst's official artwork for the Rise of the Bloodborn expansion

[Update]: Unfortunately, Duelyst will be closing down its doors on February 27, 2020.

For those of you that might not know, Duelyst is a hybrid between a card game and a turn-based strategy, though the emphasis is most definitely on the CCG aspects of gameplay. And since cards are the lifeblood of these these types of games, you'll be glad to hear that Duelyst has recently been improved with a brand new expansion - Rise of the Bloodborn.

There's 39 new cards to collect, a brand new keyword in the shape of Blood Surge which activates when you use your General's Bloodborn Spell, as well as a variety of minor changes and additions to make the holiday season a much more pleasant one. If you're interested in all of the new cards and mechanics you can find the full list by heading over to the official website.

While you can still purchase Rise of the Bloodborn cards with gold, these orbs (Duelyst's version of a card pack) function a bit differently. First of all, they cost 300 gold instead of the usual 100 gold. And secondly, they contain three copies of three different cards (so 9 in total) rather than five random ones. And best of all, once you've acquired a certain card you will never be able to see it in an orb ever again, meaning that you can get the entire set by only purchasing 13 packs! Naturally, this does bring with it one limitation - you can't craft or disenchant cards from this set, but on the positive side at least you have a relatively simple way of grabbing all of the cards.

If you're looking to learn a little bit more about the expansion, or just figure out what's the best way to grab the set, head on over to the official FAQ. And if this is your first time encountering Duelyst, you can play it for free on Steam. Enjoy!

Grandmaster Nosh-Rak from the Duelyst Rise of the Bloodborn expansion

Grandmaster Variax card from the Duelyst Rise of the Bloodborn expansion