Dragon Ball FighterZ screenshot of Goku powering up

Dragon Ball FighterZ is an upcoming 2.5D fighting game developed by Arc System Works, a studio you might know from their Blaz Blue and Guilty Gear series of fighting games. The goal behind Dragon Ball FighterZ is to bring the series back to its roots in terms of gameplay, while still being as accurate to the show as humanly possible.

Whether its going to succeed in doing just that, we'll find out soon enough as the developers have just announced that Dragon Ball FighterZ will be coming to PC and consoles this January 26th. As is the unfortunate tradition with every fighting game today, Dragon Ball FighterZ will also be releasing alongside a Season Pass that will give you access to eight additional characters at some point after launch. What exactly those characters are, however, I'm afraid nobody knows right now.

You can learn more about Dragon Ball FighterZ, or just check out a bunch of gameplay previews, by heading over to the official website. And as a final note, let me leave you with a decently lengthy trailer that focuses mostly around the Android characters, just so you get an idea of what Dragon Ball FighterZ is all about. Enjoy!