Dragon Ball FighterZ screenshot of Goku

After experimenting with a variety of genres and styles it would appear that Dragon Ball games are going back to their roots. As announced during this year's E3, Dragon Ball FighterZ is going to be a 2.5D 3v3 fighting game for both the PC and consoles.

While this might not be relevant to some, I am very glad to say that Dragon Ball FighterZ will be developed by Arc System Works. If the name alone doesn't ring a bell, you might know them from the Blaz Blue and Guilty Gear series of fighting games. In other words, they definitely have the talent to pull this off!

As is tradition with E3 announcements there is unfortunately very little concrete information available. The only thing I can really tell you is that Dragon Ball FighterZ will be coming in early 2018. And since I have nothing else to offer, allow me to send you off with the recently posted trailer that actually features a decent amount of gameplay. Enjoy!