Dota Underlords artwork showing the logo and characters

[Update]: Battle Pass progression has now been improved, and there's a whole bunch of new balance changes to toy around with!

If you've played Dota 2 for even a single second, chances are you're well aware that Valve is working on adding a whole bunch of cosmetics to Dota Underlords. After all, most of the heroes already have a myriad of fancy Dota 2 armor sets, so why not utilize those in Dota Underlords as well?

So in order to test things out, as well as to thank the beta players for their continued feedback, Valve has now released the first Dota Underlords Battle Pass for free. It unfortunately doesn't contain any hero cosmetics, but by progressing through the Battle Pass you can acquire a new board style, a variety of cosmetic decorations for your profile, fireworks to celebrate your victories, and most importantly, different styles of "Yo!" to annoy your enemies with!

Besides the free Battle Pass, this update has also brought in some small but meaningful balance changes. The Warlock Alliance no longer activates on item use, summons are now given all of the buffs unlocked by your Alliances, Venomancer's plague wards now have 50% magic resistance rather than -50%, while the always-powerful Medusa can now only attack two targets at once.

You can read the full list of changes, as well as check out some of the bug fixes, over at the official website. As for the Battle Pass itself, you can have a peek at what exactly it has to offer over at it's own page. Have fun messing around with the new board!