Dota 2 will allow you to virtually spectate competitive games

I'm not sure if this speaks about my shortsightedness, but when I first heard the announcement that Valve is enabling "Desktop Game Theater" support, ie. the option to play games on a giant screen within your VR headset, I certainly didn't account for something as intriguing as this.

As a part of HTC Vive's launch Valve have released a video showcasing the benefits of SteamVR, and along with it a brief teaser of a Dota 2 fan spectating a game alongside all of the heroes from the match itself! You can find the full video here, but if you're just interested in the Dota 2 portion of it, here's it is:


Imagine all of that but with a couple of other people sitting right besides you, all through the power of VR. Now that is a future I would love to be a part of, all the way until we virtualize memes.

And speaking of imagination, the minimap display could be the next big thing when it comes to RTS games as it allows you easy access to both a large-scale perspective and one that's zoomed right in to the action. It would be like role-playing as a Star Trek Admiral, or in other words, simply amazing!