Dota 2 Spring Cleaning update brings many, many new additions

It might not be the patch the community was clamoring for, but the Dota 2 Spring Cleaning update is one of the most significant patches in the rage-simulator's history.

There are no balance changes, or even new heroes, instead its an entire massive update devoted solely towards making Dota 2 a much more pleasurable game to play through a variety of quality of life changes and UI improvements. Here's my quick overview of all the important additions and changes:

• Neutral spawn indicators - You can now view Neutral Creep spawn boxes when selecting Observer and Sentry wards to place on the map. In addition, you can also enable a menu option to materialize these boxes when ALT is held down. This change only took a mere 10 years to implement, but now that its finally here I couldn't be happier. Then again, now I don't have an excuse for being bad at stacking neutrals...

• Camera control group hotkeys - Using the newly introduced bunch of hotkeys you can map a... well, map location to a single keystroke. This is one of those changes that doesn't sound significant at first, but is actually a really big deal since being able to act quickly is of the utmost importance in Dota 2.

• The armory has finally been made bearable through the introduction of better armory organization, a section for new items, and a massive increase in the number of slots available.

• Hero-specific ability hotkeys - This likely isn't too big of a deal, but its an addition that I fully approve of since I need to keep rebinding my hotkeys every time I grab Invoker, which is rather often... don't judge me, I played him before he was cool!

• Minimap icons now show direction - A self explanatory change, but a rather important one since you will be able to tell at a glance exactly how screwed you are when you overextend and see those dark-colored blobs converging on your face.

Dota 2 spring cleaning update brings minimap icons

The new minimap direction indicators

• Tower attack range and target indicators - While not a big change, especially for veterans, this should go a long way towards preventing tower-induced suicides among the new player population... or that's what one would hope anyway.

• Independent voice & chat muting - An option for those that want to still communicate with their team without listening to someone's improv poetry spoken through a rusty tube.

• Items now have a range indicator when you hover over them.

• You can now invert Quickcast so the spell goes off on button release, rather than press.

• Text muted players can no longer draw on the minimap - A sad day for all donger afficionado.

• Numerous crash fixes, the most important of which is the one that caused Dota 2 to crash and burn after long play sessions.

Dota 2 Spring Cleaning update new spawn boxes

This is how massive the darn spawn boxes are

• A new setting has been added that makes summoned units always auto attack - In other words, you can keep your hero from autoattacking while at the same time being able to use summons without invoking Starcraft levels of APM in order to not waste the initial hits.

• Quickcast now works with non-hero units and neutrals.

• When using Auto-Attack after a spell, you will no longer auto-attack when denying allied units - Icefrog be praised, no longer will we be subjected to the tyranny of the S button after each deny.

• Empty Bottle has a new ground model - Not an important change, but its a cute one at least!

• Roshan's model size after hex has been fixed - No more giant frogs because Icefrog is jealous :(

Dota 2 Spring Cleaning update Tower Range indicators

Now you know exactly who the tower is gunning for

• Spiderlings and Spiderites can now be set to two different control groups - As if Broodmother couldn't get any more annoying, now the spiders that spawn other spiders will stick around for much longer. Same applies to Lycan, Warlock and Visage summons.

• Courier will no longer travel as deep in to the fountain when grabbing items from stash - A small, but important change for us maniacs that want to optimize every single bottle crowing attempt.

• Support for 3D skyboxes has been added - A mapmaker's dream.

• Tinker, Bane and Night Stalker have been broken down and added to the Item Workshop

If you thought that was a rather long list, allow me to just say that was my very brief summary of all the changes. If you are interested in the full patch notes, in all their massive glory, head over to the Dota 2 Spring Cleaning page.