Dota 2's VR Hub artwork

This year's The International is set to be the biggest one yet, and given the quality of the teams going to it and the obscene size of the prize pool, its definitely going to be one of the most exciting tournaments in Dota history.

While you can already watch it for free through the Dota 2 client or on Twitch, Valve has decided to take things a bit further by putting in a VR spectator mode! The whole thing is currently in its early stages and as such there are plenty of little bugs and missing features, but even with all of that considered its still beyond impressive. If you're wondering what it all looks like, here's a Youtube video that manages to perfectly capture the magic of VR Dota, just skip to around 1:20 to get to the good part:


In order to install the Dota VR Hub you simply need to go to your Steam Library, select Dota 2 and then go to the DLC section where you will find the option to enable the Dota VR Hub. The process of launching Dota 2 in VR is equally as simple. If you have the Dota VR Hub installed a popup will appear on game launch that lets you chose whether you want to run Dota 2 or the VR Hub, its that easy.

With the Wild Card matches beginning on August 2nd and The International itself on August 3rd, there is going to be plenty of Dota 2 to enjoy in the next few weeks. If you have a VR device make sure to give the VR Hub a try as it seems like a ton of fun, but even if you don't, make sure to tune in as the best of the best will be competing for a ridiculous, and still growing, prize pool of $18,958,763.