Dota 2 The International 2016 tickets are going on sale April 7

Valve has announced that the tickets for The International 2016, Dota 2's biggest event of the year with millions on the line, will be available for purchase starting on April 7, with the event itself kicking off at Seattle's KeyArena on August 8.

The tickets will go on sale at 10am PT (6pm UTC) and 10pm PT (6am UTC) over at the always lovely Ticketmaster website, and due to scalping being a massive issue with Dota 2 tournaments its recommended that you log in beforehand and have your finger hovering above that F5 button. Here are the details:

There will be two types of tickets available for purchase, Midweek Tickets ($75) which will allow you access to the KeyArena for the first four days of The International, and the Finals Tickets ($100) which will give you the ability to experience the final two days in person. Both tickets can naturally be purchased in a single order, with up to 5 of each per household.

Valve is also providing a free outdoor viewing area on the KeyArena grounds, so if you only ordered the Midweek Tickets, or didn't manage to snag any at all there's still a way to enjoy some great Dota 2 games among a large crowd.

And since it wouldn't be Valve without hats, each time a First Blood occurs they will be "dropping" unique in-game items to audience members inside the arena, provided they have their SteamID linked with their badge. These exclusive treasures will contain visually distinct versions of this year's Secret Shop Immortals, so the quality is more or less guaranteed guaranteed.

If you're looking for any specific details, or need to find a support number you can call, head over the the International 2016 FAQ.