Dota 2's Tinker repairing his armor

If you're sick and tired of watching people pick the same few heroes in All Pick over and over again, you'll be glad to hear that Valve has now finally done something to curb the 'one trick pony' problem. At the start of each All Pick match 25 heroes will be randomly removed from the hero pool before the draft/ban phase even begins! These changes will only affect Ranked Matchmaking, so don't worry about this negatively impacting your practice sessions or 'meme-teams' in Unranked.

Besides the adjustments to All Pick this update has also changed how commands are processed in order to address input problems and improve responsiveness. The reasoning and explanation behind all of this is a bit complex, so allow me to share with you a couple of examples from Valve themselves:

"In today's update we are changing how commands are processed in Dota to address some user input contention and improve responsiveness. Previously if you cast a spell and before it finished casting, you cast two spells afterwards, only the last spell would be cast. The order queue was only 1 deep effectively. This usually has no practical impact, except for things with really fast/instant cast time done in sequence. Here are a few examples of how the behavior would be different:

Example 1:

Axe casts battle hunger. While the cast animation is playing, Axe quickly uses a Blink Dagger and then Berserker's Call.

Old Rules: Only Berserker's Call is cast. The blink dagger order is ignored.

New Rules: Axe will use the Blink Dagger, then cast Berserker's Call.

Example 2:

Puck casts Illusory Orb. Puck then casts Dream Coil. While the cast animation of Dream Coil is playing, Puck quickly casts Ethereal Jaunt and Waning Rift.

Old Rules: Only Waning Rift would have triggered and Puck would not have teleported with Ethereal Jaunt.

New Rules: Puck teleports with Ethereal Jaunt and then casts Waning Rift in the new location.

This change applies generally to all orders that are issued when your hero is in another action (like during a cast animation or while stunned), and the order needs to enter the queue. Issuing a movement command or stop will still empty the queue same as before, if you decide you no longer want to issue the orders in the queue."

It might be a small one, but this is still a damn good patch in my book! Not only has Valve managed to correct one of the biggest problems with Ranked All Pick, but they've also made initiator heroes much more responsive to play. For the first time in my life I really have nothing to complain about when it comes to a Dota patch, so good on you Valve!