Dota 2 character in an FPS mod.

I knew that Dota 2 modding tools were going to spawn some interesting games but this soon? Incredible.

BMD's Slayer of the Ancients mod transforms the game in to a third person shooter with WASD controls. While still rough around the edges I can see this mod becoming something really special. Don't believe me? Check out the gameplay footage, I'll embed the video below.


Currently the only mode available for play is Capture the Flag with up to a staggering 24 people per match. There are three characters to choose from: Juggernaut, Sniper and Shadow Fiend, each with their own unique weapons, skills and movement speed which is going to open the doors for some asymmetric balancing once the mod gets further along in development.

As it stands, it might not be the most polished thing in existence but both it and Dota 2 are completely free. The mod is also still in heavy development so expect frequent changes if you do decide to play it. Happy Sniper hunting!