Dota 2 Spring Cleaning 2022 update artwork

[Update #2]: Dota 2's hotly anticipated Patch 7.32 has now arrived with a brand new lane creep and tons of changes!

[Update]: Patch 7.31d has now arrived, and while it's not exactly massive, there's still a lot of interesting stuff on offer.

After a few rounds of teasers, Valve has now finally decided to spill the beans on the next big The International tournament. Long story short, the whole thing will be hosted in Singapore and will consists of three events: the Last Chance Qualifiers from October 8-12, the Group Stage from October 15-18, and the Grand Finals from October 29-30. So if you're a fan of high-level Dota 2, you might want to make some room in your schedule!

However, you won't have to wait all that long for something new and interesting to happen as Valve has also taken this opportunity to tease the next big gameplay update. As such, you can expect Patch 7.31d to arrive this June 8th alongside a much-needed Dota Plus update and a seasonal refresh.

Given that this is Valve we're talking about, no further details have been shared just yet. That said, the update is supposedly larger than normal, so hopefully it'll be a good one!

Once more information becomes available, most likely as Patch 7.31d goes live, I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, you can read more about The International and its schedule over at the Dota 2 website.