Baby Roshan courier from the newly added Dota 2 Dark Moon event

If you've been clamoring for Valve to bring back Diretide or any such similar Dota 2 events, you'll be glad to hear that they have just recently added the Dark Moon mini-game. It is very similar to the previous Wraith King event, by which I mean you will spend most of your time defending against waves upon waves of deadly enemies, with your potential rewards increasing with every every wave you vanquish.

While the concept itself is fairly simple, actually succeeding in the Dark Moon event is anything but. In order to win you will need to create a well-balanced team that consists of good crowd control, area-of-effect damage, and healing, or else you will find yourself quickly overwhelmed. Since your entire team needs to be on the same page when things go terribly wrong I would recommend you only play the Dark Moon event with people you can trust, as otherwise you're going to be rolling the dice on whether your teammates have any clue about what to do.

Naturally, all of this effort is not in vein as the further in you get, the more points you will receive at the very end. And since there is also a Daily Bonus to help you out, all you need in order to receive a couple of items is to beat Wave 5 - a task that should be manageable even for the most disorganized of teams. The items you get are completely random, so I hope you don't mind occasionally scoring yet another Pugna set, but there is also a chance for some rather fancy, and rather rare items as well. The most prestigious among these rare items is the Immortal Dark Moon Baby Roshan courier, which looks downright amazing in-game, but as you might expect has about the same drop rate as you chances at winning the lottery in the next couple of days.

Still, the event is a fun little distraction from regular gameplay, and the bonus items are certainly nothing to scoff at! So if you're up for messing around with the Dark Moon event make sure you get your fill before February 6th, as that's the official closing time. And for those of you interested in the 'lore' side of the event, you can find a brief write-up on the Dota 2 blog.